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Use a mobile app to quickly see if items are missing from shelves and get instant instructions for how to fix misplacements.

Trax Shelf Fix

The human eye can’t spot every small mistake on the shelves. Our AI-powered solution knows every product, down to the pixel, and gives a rep an actionable execution report just seconds after they snap a photo.

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Inexact, inefficient audits

Product availability is mission-critical. But it’s costly to have store reps manually check each shelf, especially as human eyes often miss execution errors.

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Instantaneous analysis

Shelf photos are sent to Trax Cloud, where Computer Vision software identifies each item and compares its placement to KPIs. In-store actions are recommended in real-time.

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Save time and money

With Trax Shelf Fix, audits are performed 38% faster, allowing brands to cover more categories during each audit. The added efficiency creates 40% in cost savings.

How it works

Trax Shelf Fix compares real-time shelf data with your product database to improve availability, refine execution, and give reps more time to sell.

Efficient task management

"Trax helped us improve execution at retail and be more selective with our execution priorities"

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Efficient task management

Sales reps and merchandisers photograph shelves and receive out-of-stock alerts within two minutes. They get clear instructions on how to rearrange the shelf, and they record when each task is completed.

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This solution is about getting the information back into the hands of the sales rep.

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Reveal patterns & order items

If an out-of-stock item is unavailable for replenishment, reps record the reason why they can’t fix the shelf. This gives HQ insights into rep performance and systemic shelf problems. Reps can also immediately order any missing SKUs.

Why Trax Shelf Fix?

By analyzing a shop shelf at the speed of light, Trax Shelf Fix revolutionizes the store visit. Never before has auditing and fixing stocking issues been so quick and precise.

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Checks in secs

When your teams spend less time checking shelves, they spend more time negotiating deals and expanding coverage.

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Action oriented

Delivered through our mobile app, the Instant Availability Report instructs reps on how they can immediately resolve availability issues.

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Performance matters

Trax Shelf Fix gives managers visibility on store visits, providing objective data on how well reps and SKUs are performing in each retail location.

Commonly asked questions

Our team is here to help. One of our CPG experts would love to answer your Trax Shelf Fix questions.

Which SKUs can Trax Shelf Fix recognize?

Trax Shelf Fix recognizes any SKU that appears at least 500 times in our database. Our dedicated project team will confirm this list (the “agreed assortment”) during the set-up process.

Does my phone store the SKU database?

No. Shelf photos are compared against databases in our cloud-based servers, not on your mobile device. Therefore, Trax Shelf Fix requires an internet connection.

What’s the difference with Trax Retail Execution?

Trax Retail Execution is a suite of solutions providing deep analytics and insights, in addition to shelf data. Trax Shelf Fix has been designed specifically for sales reps conducting store checks.

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