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Shelf Pulse

Combine shelf and EPOS data to optimize your category strategies, outsmart competitors, and get into the carts — and hearts — of shoppers.

(Only Available in the USA)

Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen

Gain a unified vision of performance by merging shelf intelligence and EPOS data over time. An extensive range of analytics helps you spot trends, identify new competitors, and drive growth across your categories.

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Separating signal from noise

The brick-and-mortar shop is highly dynamic, making it difficult to understand how real-world, real-time store conditions are affecting sales.

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Mapping the category landscape

Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen maps image-driven retail execution data with sales in your most important markets and banners.

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Your strategic advantage

With a single source of objective category insights, you can analyze SKU productivity, track competitor trends, and devise tactics for winning the shelf.

How it works

Interactive dashboards assess your fair share of shelf, provide dynamic views of category performance, and identify opportunities for growth.

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"Trax helped us improve execution at retail and be more selective with our execution priorities"

  • Route-to-market manager
  • AB Inbev

The competitive edge

As the shelf becomes more crowded, it’s more crucial that you outpace rivals. Identify category leaders and laggards in terms of availability, shelf share, and unique SKU distribution across regions and store types.

Take the pulse of performance

Is a competitor’s share growing? Which new products have legs? See your share of shelf and market share, spot new entrant trends, and see the direction your category is heading over upcoming months. Then, prepare a strategic response.

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"Trax helped us improve execution at retail and be more selective with our execution priorities"

  • Route-to-market manager
  • AB Inbev

Proactive reset planning

Get ahead of the next category reset and become your retailers’ trusted advisor by creating data-led recommendations for profitable planograms.

Turbocharge category sales

How did the last reset affect your share of shelf? Would some SKUs have earned more in different shelf positions? Which products are underspaced or overspaced? Discover a world of data to perfectly plan the next reset and be the data hero your customer trusts.

Create common ground

Find out which stores are the best (and worst) at complying with planograms during category resets. Unbiased metrics provide an impartial platform for planning how to best avoid errors in the future.

Why Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen?

POS and shelf data tell two different stories about how your products are performing. When analyzed together, they provide a roadmap for growth in a fiercely competitive retail environment.

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Comprehensive sample

With expertise from Nielsen and enhanced data-collection methods from Trax, you gain representative sampling from the stores that matter most.

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Review and prepare

Evaluate the impact of previous resets to ideally position your products and categories for the next one.

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Analytics tailored to you

We’ll slice and dice the data to match your KPIs and business needs, providing useful insights and shelf photos for all your departments.

Commonly asked questions

Our team is here to help. One of our CPG experts would love to answer your Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen questions.

Which stores does Shelf Pulse by Trax and Nielsen cover?

In each cycle, we cover 2500 stores under the Walmart, Target, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Kroger, Albertsons, Publix, Ahold Delhaize, Meijer, Winn-Dixie, BI-LO, Wakefern, and H-E-B brands.

Who collects the images from the stores?

Photos are collected by the Trax Crowd — a workforce of 500,000 users that can cover as many stores across the US as you need. Contact us to inquire about covering retailers not already on our list.

Can I share dashboards within my organization?

Yes, you can! We’ve made it easy to share widgets and dashboards as PDF or JPG files, and to export data to Excel. Feel free to share your findings with colleagues and retail partners.

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